About me

I am a 22 year old girl living in Reykjavik Iceland. I am currently a student in computer science at the University of Iceland but I plan to graduate this spring.

I have played the violin since I was 8 years old. At 18 I took a break for a few years. I started playing the violin again around two years ago. This time around Im concentrating on Scottish, Irish and American traditional music along with improvisation, swing and jazz.

Here is me playing Old Joe Clark, an american fiddle tune. That recording was done in the basement of a friend. I belive I have improved since this was recorded but it is a sample nevertheless of what I can do.

Another hobby of mine is painting, drawing and general design work. Actually those are not purely hobbies because my current job requires me to design and take care of a the web www.vks.is on top of 'normal' programming duties.

I have also taken up photography.

A yet another hobby of mine is goldfish and fish in general. My fish have their own page *points to the only link in the menu*

This page is still under construction and considering my workload at the university and at my job I doubt I'll have time to finish it any time soon.